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Being Forged

Good day love... Do you ever think about initiation, or about what it means to be initiated? I'm thinking about what it means to be initiated. I'm thinking about how I've held this notion in the past when it first entered my life, and how I hold it now that I'm walking this path. I'm thinking about what it means for me, and what it means for you. There's a general understanding that to be of service to that which you hold sacred with the gifts, talents, and abilities that only you bring into this world is a profound nourishment to your own soul and the deepest offering to the continually evolving and currently profoundly imperiled world that we all share. I believe this. Not because I started out as naturally service oriented: I didn't. I'm naturally and profoundly hermetic. I grew into the space of wanting to give what I have cultivated because that's where initiation takes you, in whatever way is true to your own divine design. Initiation turns you into a gift for the world. And it insists that you give that gift. Having now passed through a 15-year long initiatory process, expertly facilitated by life and the mystery themselves, the tone of service has flourished in me as surely as hidden wildflowers flourish and blanket the ground in gentle, brilliant color after a heavy monsoon in a long-thirsty desert. I have not been through the ravages of fire and the devastation of ice solely for my own benefit. I have not been to hell and back this many times for shits and giggles. I have not become the power and medicine that I am for no reason. Neither have you. All that I have cultivated on this journey is not just for me. It's for you. For all of us. It's for the world, and all the ones that we share it with, human and beyond, incarnate and spirit.

Remember, as you seek for and cleave to the golden thread running through the storms and blessings of your days, that you are needed. You came here just as you are to bring something that only you can bring, and whatever that is, it's important.

You are important.

The world is ready for the medicine that only you can bring.

Life is calling you forth. Lean in and answer that call. And reach out to me if you want help doing that. I'm here for you.

Sending you much love and a breath of full validation for your walk through this extraordinary moment Maitreya


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