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Who am I?

My name is Maitreya Wolf. 


I am a wisdom teacher, soul mentor, musician, speaker, writer, priestess, and more (so much more).

I've lived a life of powerful beauty spiced with lots of trauma, and have learned a lot about how to walk tall, stand strong, and be refined, deepened, and empowered by circumstance, no matter what comes.

Throughout the course of my journey I've been blessed to become more and more aware of the presence of many Old Powers in my life helping me along this rocky road.  A few of my companions of this kind are the transformative power of the spiritual frequency of beauty, the miraculous wonder of the living earth, and the spirit of initiation. 


These allies taught me how to harvest the healing gift from all of my experiences while deepening my wisdom, coming into the ability to love myself, devotionally healing myself, and mastering the art of transforming pain into power so that I could live and give my gifts well in this most extraordinary time.

My own journey has naturally brought me to the place of being ready, able, and super excited to support you on yours.


In the Soul Power Mentoring container I am offering all that I've learned, created, and cultivated to you on your evolutionary path so that you can live your most empowered and fulfilled life in service to the awakening, liberation, and healing of this world.

If you are ready to transform at an even deeper level than you have so far in a way that roots you into the cycles of the natural world and the truth of your own soul as your ground and compass in this life, let's have a conversation to feel into working together.

Let's explore the possibilities.... 



Shadow on Concrete Wall

What is Soul Power Mentoring?

Soul Power Mentoring is an evolutionary journey which focuses on deepening the relationship with your innermost self and the natural world so that you can cultivate living wisdom, resilience, embodied empowerment, inner peace, and a deep experience of fulfilling your souls purpose for being here in the world.

In this work you will learn:

~ Traditional, sacred ways to deepen your connection with nature and the mystery so that you are always engaged in and resourced by an active relationship with the wild earth and Source.


~ How to live in alignment with your true self and rock being you in ways that are deeply fulfilling, powerful, and beneficial to yourself and others.


~ How to relate to your own life and what happens around you and in the world through a mytho-poetic, initiatory lens so that everything you experience can be fuel for the fire of your awakening, evolution, and empowerment.


~ How to transform pain into power so that what took you down in the past becomes that which lifts you up and helps you to serves others in the present and the future.


~ How to navigate being “triggered” so that you can improve the quality of your personal experience and all of your interpersonal relationships.


~ How to work with Big Emotion - anger, fear, ecstasy, pleasure, etc - in ways that make it possible for you to harness and stabilize the heightened energy and power available in those experiences.


~ How to deal with repetitive patterns of self-defeating behavior so that you can live in alignment with your values and your deeper self, and enjoy your life more.


~ You will receive a full-spectrum, completely personalized transformational mentoring woven of deep wisdom, intuitive counseling, spiritual practice, and practical mystical instruction that will help you overcome long-standing blockages and finally live in alignment, integrity, and joy.


Who it's for:

~People in significant life transitions or grief processes who want a deeper connection with the earth and the mystery to support, guide, and empower you in your movement from one state of being to another.

~People experiencing spiritual awakening or spiritual emergency who need support and containment to ground and integrate your experience.

~Professionals who have accomplished "all the things" but hunger for a deeper experience of Life and are ready to try something new and different to wake up and feel greater fulfilment, joy, and purpose.

~Teenagers stepping towards their true nature and ready to live their power.

~Anyone who is ready to more fully embody the truth of who they are.



Visit the “Work With Me” page to learn more about the different ways to dive in. 


Reach out if there's something you're interested in that isn't named there: I'm always open to new possibilities.  Click the button below to schedule a free Soul Empowerment call to learn more about the work and how I can support you.

I'm excited to connect!




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