What is Soul Power Mentoring?

Soul Power Mentoring is a transformational awakening work whose core philosophy is about initiation, and which focuses on deepening the relationship with ones innermost self and the natural world as a means to cultivate psychic, physical, and emotional health, embodied empowerment, inner peace and joy, and living wisdom. 


This will enable you to embody your authentic self, address trauma in increasingly effective ways that will free your energy up for the actualizing the dreams of your Life, and to cultivate the capacity to live from a grounded, resourced, and empowered place within yourself.


Who it's for:

~Spiritually-oriented women in transitions into greater independence.

~Spiritually-oriented men ready to refine their relationships with their emotions.

~People experiencing spiritual awakening or spiritual emergency.

~Professionals who have accomplished "all the things" but hunger for a deeper experience of Life.

~Teenagers ready to discover, explore, and embody their true nature.

~People navigating deep grief processes.

~People interested in developing a closer relationship with the mystery and the wild earth.

~Anyone who is ready to more fully embody the truth of who they are.



What we do:


This is wide-ranging, wild, and intuitive work.  I draw from a lot of places to help you to know, heal, and embody your true nature.  Sessions are 90-minute deep-dives which may incorporate (but are not limited to):

~Quantum Alchemy (trademark)

~Parts Work

~Shadow integration

~Grief tending


~Movement, embodiment, and body-awareness practices

~Developing personal and interpersonal tools and skills

~Developing a personal practice

~Creating ritual specific to your needs and inclinations

~Hands on or distance healing

~Story work

~Being held and sung to

~and more.

(You can learn more about all of this on the "Work With Me" page)  


In this work you will:

~Be held in a container of unconditional love, compassionate support, lucid witness, and loving accountability.

~Learn and/or deepen various life skills, practices, techniques, and resources which will help you to cultivate resilience, peace, clarity, joy, health, and empowerment in your Life.

~Have the support and learn the skills to address trauma and negative patterns in effective and long-lasting ways.

~Develop greater confidence in living, embodying, and expressing your true self.

~And more!  


Visit the “Work With Me” page to learn more about the different ways to dive in.  Reach out if there's something you're interested in that isn't named there: I'm always open to new possibilities.  Click the button below to schedule a complimentary Soul Power Contact call.

I'm excited to connect, beloved.




Who am I?

My name is Maitreya Wolf.  I am a wise woman, teacher, healer, mentor, and priestess. I am also a musician, writer, artist, nature lover, movement enthusiast, and *living mystery (*just like you).


I'm someone with a bounty of love, wisdom, power, and skills to share.


I am deeply passionate about transforming the pain of the past into the power of the now and the cultivation of embodied wisdom and integrated power as a life path.  I am devoted to beauty, love, freedom, truth, honesty, compassion, and integrity. I am fierce, tender, brave, wild, and very much a work in progress as a human being in a world in crisis.  My life has been wild and strange, sometimes staggeringly difficult, always extraordinarily beautiful, and always rich with the musk of the mystery.  

All my life I have been guided by Soul, which has brought me through a long, deep, gorgeous, and frequently harrowing initiation.  The culmination of this initiation is that I arrive to this moment with the capacity to support others through their own initiatory journeys.


Meaning I'm here for you.  


In this work I offer myself, my wisdom, my love and compassion, and my vast array of powers, talents, and skills to you as a guide, companion, ally, and friend on your holy endeavor of embodying your one-and-only-ever Soul and Self through the sacred medium of your Life in a beautiful way.


I know the value of devoting yourself to your awakening, healing, empowerment, and embodiment through living your Souls journey as an evolutionary initiation, because that's been my path, and it's been extraordinary.

So now my hand is extended in invitation: if you are ready to root into Soul to rise into power, I'd like to support you on that journey.  

With love...



Shadow on Concrete Wall