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"My life was benefitted through this soul mentorship on so many levels. I was able to tune into a major piece of my soul and inner child in the first 20 minutes of our first session. I was brought into awareness of what my soul needed to heal. She mentored me into how to tend to this new awareness and I have since stepped into my power in a completely new way. I feel softer, more patient, and a deeper sense of awareness in reality. I was able to grieve…a lot. And learn skills to navigate through this pain and into an empowered state of being."


"In our work together Maitreya provided me with specific tools as well as ample wisdom which directly supported the deep and challenging transformation I was experiencing at the time. With her support and guidance, I navigated both the light and the darkness feeling renewed trust in my path. By having her presence as a lighthouse throughout those months of personal trial, I avoided becoming completely unmoored and disoriented. The greatest gift of this mentorship was the way it fostered my capacity to remain connected with my center during the most profound transition of my life."



"Maitreya held exquisite space!  Her presence and attunement created a container of safety that allowed for deep and profound inner work.  I felt very seen, held, and heard, and she incorporated a lot of choice points, which I found very empowering.  Her clear seeing and compassionate heart were poignant in opening up what was needing to be known."



"Maitreya, you carry with you an immense depth of skill and wisdom that is so profoundly important to support and mentor others in this critical time and moment in our human history. These skills and wisdom you have are so unique and it is so apparent that this comes from your own journey into the underworld, the shadow and many dark nights of the soul and not from external teachings from a formal institution or school.


The work you offer is deeply transformative, it informs the soul that this secure and safe space you create and hold in high honor with love and compassion is completely safe to allow, be seen, and go to the depths of the experience to glean all that one can. I now see myself differently than I previously did before working with you, and that will continue for a long time I am certain." 



"I was feeling in deep need of just the right kind of support: the perfect alchemy of safe space but a strong facilitator...  The tender balance of underworld validation but empowering invitation...  Witnessing my pain but offering a glimpse of redemption.  I really needed just the right things, and your work was it.  That kind of space and safety, which I believe can only be held by someone who's walked through the valleys and been through the fires themselves and come out the other side more humbled, compassionate, whole and integrated, helped me feel my way into a deep well of grief that I knew was ready to open, but on my own it felt too unbearably overwhelming.

I deeply appreciate your abiity to sit with someone in their experience - even a big wound or deep pain - and stay in your own energetic integrity, holding very safe space that was both sweet and wild in a way that echoed sitting in a forest or a nature spot that one holds dear.  Your presence felt strong and solid, like the vibration of someone who walks their talk and who shows up with authenticity and courage, with roots and heart.


"Maitreya is a beautiful soul who holds so much compassion and love. I felt comfortable immediately with her even though I had never experienced a mentorship like this before. She brings wisdom, clarity, and gentleness to every call. Her guidance was perfectly tailored to any trauma, memory, or obstacle that came up for me and she led me on the path of healing every time.  She brings a depth and playfulness to her sessions and she is a joy to work with. Her intuitive approach allows her to pick up on my emotions and where I have blocks before I am even aware of them."



"With Maitreya's guidance and acute depth of presence I was able to really sit with the emotions and feelings I had been unable to process on my own.  The space that Maitreya created with her gentle and loving kindness really enabled me to feel my issues in a way that I had not been able to on my own.  Her endless deep listening was truly essential to my being able to experience and express the endless well of emotions I had been carrying with me and that needed processing. Also I was guided in several sessions into experiences of meeting my higher guides and getting in touch with my higher self.  These are invaluable experiences as they are resources that I continue to call upon for support."


"Maitreya is raw AF.  Fiercely tender and gently direct.  As I continue to sift through the ashes... I can still feel Maitreya's loving arms holding me." 



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