Soul Power Discovery Call

30-45 minutes

If you are interested in Soul Power Mentoring reach out to arrange a free Exploration Call. 


In the call you will share a bit about your needs and desires and I will share a bit about myself and the work: it's useful to read the "about" page first to get a feeling for me and what I do before we talk. We'll explore any questions that arise and feel out if we're a fit for working together.

Visit my calendar at to schedule.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Soul Gnosis Session

90 minutes

Soul Gnosis Sessions are single meetings where we dive in to pressing issues in your life and make contact with the insight, guidance, and truth of your Soul.

In a Soul Gnosis Session you will gain clarity on your Souls Truth in regards to any given situation, and then learn about how to put that jewel into practice in your life so that you can more effectively address challenges, gain confidence for walking your path with power, and move closer to fulfilling your purpose.

Visit my calendar at to schedule


The Art of Initiation Mentorship

9 months


It is an extraordinary and challenging time to be walking in this world. We are facing things the likes of which we have never encountered before, and we can easily feel overwhelmed, confused, and disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the Earth.  Many are experiencing a profound fear, grief, and/or overwhelm as we watch the world spiral deeper and deeper into madness and peril in ways that seem beyond our control and beyond our scope of influence.  The comfort and security we used to be able to take in our cultural narrative, as flawed and illusory as it was, is fast dissolving all around us, and with it, our sense of safety and our clarity about how to be in the world in a life-giving and meaningful way.


This is the territory of initiation.

An initiatory process is one that places us entirely beyond our known capacity and demands that the deeper wisdom, power, and beauty within us steps forward to respond in a way that profoundly and permanently transforms us.


As modern westerners, we live in a society that has done everything in its power to remove the gift of initiation from our lives, because initiated people do not follow the orders of overlords.


But the code of initiation is written into the fibers of Life itself, and we can learn ~ remember ~ how to be initiated by our lives.

We can learn by turning towards Soul and Earth, humbling and apprenticing ourselves to the mystery, and walking with an ever-deepening step into our ultimate awakening, healing, liberation, and the fulfillment of our true nature and our reason for being here in this most extraordinary time.  


The Art of Initiation 9-month container is a space for doing the healing work needed while also learning and integrating the skills needed to turn the pain of your circumstances and experiences into the wisdom and power of embodying your truth and living your purpose.

A Soul Power Discovery call and a Soul Gnosis session are pre-requisites for this container.


Contact me at to learn more through a Soul Power Discovery Call.


Soul Holding

90 minutes

I have found over the years that frequently what people need most is simply to be held in love while they are hurting.  Unwavering, unconditionally loving touch has a healing effect on the heart, mind, body, and Soul that defies description and brings people to states of peace that cannot be accessed any other way.

These sessions are a time in which I will hold you and sing to you.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Not much talking, not a time to counsel or process beyond a certain point, this is about tending to the nervous system and the subtle body beneath the story.  This is about tending the tenderness in the heart, mind, body, and Soul with loving touch and the medicine of song.

This offering is strictly and entirely non-sexual.  This is only available to people with whom I already have an established relationship.  I hold the right to decline a request for this offering if it doesn't feel aligned.


Contact me at to inquire.