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Soul Empowerment Call

If you are interested in working together, reach out to arrange a free Soul Empowerment Call.

In this call we can explore how this evolutionary mentoring can help you root into soul to rise into power so that you can live your most inspired life of purpose, power, and wisdom starting now.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Soul Power Mentoring Session Bundles 

3 sessions (90 min each)  : $600 - $750 sliding scale

In this introductory series, we will address your most pressing current concerns so that you can feel greater ease, confidence, and joy in embodying your purpose in your life on a daily level. 

These sessions weave intuitive counseling, energy medicine, traditional practices, somatic awarness, mindfulness, meditation, and more into a gentle sanctuary for you to explore your deep material in safety, supported by the loving embrace of my wisdom, skill, and witness.

A perfect introduction to working together, and also a great stand alone support as needed.  Only available in a series of 3 sessions.

Schedule here. I look forward helping you step into your Soul Power together.


The School of Remembering
9-month 1-1 Mentorship

Arrange a Soul Empowerment Call here


It is an extraordinary and challenging time to be walking in this world.


We are facing things the likes of which we have never encountered before, and we can easily feel overwhelmed, confused, and disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the Earth. 


Many are experiencing a profound fear, grief, and/or overwhelm as we watch the world spiral deeper and deeper into madness and peril in ways that seem beyond our control and beyond our scope of influence.  


This is the territory of initiation.

An initiatory process is one that places us entirely beyond our known capacity and demands that the deeper wisdom, power, and beauty within us steps forward to respond in a way that profoundly and permanently transforms us.

The School of Remembering is a place where you can learn how to bring forth that deeper self and stabilize that as your ground of being so that you can experience more joy, confidence, connection, and empowerment in your life and live in deeper service to the awakening, healing, and liberation of the world.


This is a path of deep practice for people who are ready to go farther with their personal development as souls on an evolutionary path in service to Life, Beauty, Love, and the Mystery.

If that's you, schedule a free consultation call and let's rock this.

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