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Heavens Edges


I have stood on heavens edges and listened

Body and soul

To the quiet and fervent songs of the wild

In it’s lovers dance with its own

myriad expressions of beauty


Here I have learned much that I cherish most


That to know oneself as one color of the all

Is a gnosis that weaves us into

the family of ones


And that surely it is the most powerful of all magic

Because it dissolves the very foundations of

The withering systems that we have all been

Birthed into

and made responsible for

By being alive in this moment of revelation


And truth.


From the gentle vastness of these edges

I have looked into the many worlds

Wondering how to best serve the one

I am most a part of now.


And I have learned this;


I am here to be refined on this evolutionary journey

As surely as the gold will be revealed

from within the embrace of the lead

that shelters it


I am here to remember love as the ultimate truth

horrors and silken petals and all the rest

As surely as I am to receive the first of life's generosities

the breath that lifts and settles my chest

to weave me

chemistry and cell

with the dreamscape of eternity


I am being forged by Life's master hand

So that I can help however is needed


Help us each and all remember our true nature

Our magnificence

Our power

And our kinship with Life and all life forms.


I sing with the wind and dance with the fire

I shed a lot of tears

I laugh out loud every day

And shimmer with delight to see the murmurations of birds in flock

letting the mystery pour through me

In song and silence

rapture and agony

full presence with the All That Is


So that I can stretch out this hand to you

Fellow traveler

And invite you into a journey towards the temple

of Life's soul.


Towards your Soul, and

the very center of Life therein.


I will not shoulder your burden

Nor ask you to take mine

Let us instead be good company along the way

Walking the songlines between

The last star

And the many to come

On our way into the zero point of heavens edges Maitreya Wolf



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