Soul Power Mentoring

Embody Your Soul, Develop Your Power, Deepen Your Wisdom, Live Your Truth, Transform Your Life

Greetings, Beloved... I'm Maitreya Wolf.

Thank you for coming to explore this offering. 

I'm curious what brings you here today.


Are you feeling a call?

Perhaps there is something stirring deep within you, in places that you've felt but aren't yet familiar with, and you want to respond powerfully.

Perhaps you need help learning how to transform the pain of the past into your power in the now.

Perhaps you have always walked a spiritual path but now need an ally to go farther than you have before.


Perhaps you are full of the desire and drive to make a positive, powerful contribution to the world, but need deeper support with your own healing to be able to do that.

Maybe you feel as if you are not actually living your truth. 

Maybe you just need talk to someone about All The Things in a way that helps you to ground a bit so that you can get back to rocking your mission.

Whatever brings you here, I welcome you with honor, I see you with love, and I would be delighted to join you for a while on your journey home to the beautiful Earth and your own Soul.

I trust that no matter what your challenges are, there is a golden seed of beauty within them that only you can bring to flowering life, a golden seed whose flower is an offering, a gift, and a blessing to this world in crisis.


I aspire to help you discover and nurture that seed.


Are you ready to come fully to Life? 


Soul Power Mentoring, this thing that I do with the ones who are brave, wild, deep, and curious enough to dive in with me, is a psycho-somatic, earth honoring, deep wisdom cultivating, empowerment encouraging, poetry saturated, beauty infused, and whole-self healing transformational container of experience, discovery, and awakening.


It is a Temple of Being.

This work is for people who are ready to turn towards the deepest truth in themselves with courage, humility, and bold authenticity so that they can live and give their gifts in a beautiful, empowered, and coherent way at this crucial juncture in our human endeavor.

This work is for people who are ready to know, heal, liberate, and empower themselves, and serve the world from that place.

This work is for you.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to schedule a Soul Power Discovery call, and let us begin.




Working together

Soul Power Mentoring unfolds through a weaving of various practices and modalities, including parts work, meditation, movement, shadow integration, grief tending, ritual, deep counseling, storytelling, nature connection, and more.

This work will support you to know and embody the living truth in a grounded, resourced, sustainable, and empowered way that is deeply connected with your own spirituality and the

natural world.


Click the "learn more" button below to explore my different offerings, and if you have questions or an inspiration that the "Work With Me" page doesn't answer, contact me and we can explore other possibilities.


"Maitreya is a clear and resounding channel of wisdom, mythos, and the language of the soul. As a mentor, she provided presence which both nourished my soul and challenged my very human desire to protect, preserve, and feed my narrative about my life and my self.

Her teaching and sharing of tools was clear and artfully delivered, in a manner that allowed me to keep those practices and concepts alive in subsequent explorations outside of our container.

Her gift of storytelling is not to be downplayed, and it enriches the work profoundly."