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Greetings, Beloved... I'm Maitreya Wolf.

Thank you for coming.  I'm curious what brings you here today.

As a wise woman, evolutionary mentor, and transformational catalyst I am here to help you answer the call of your wild soul.


Are you feeling that call?

Are you ready to learn how to alchemize pain into power so that you can live a fuller life?


Maybe you need someone at your back so that you can more easily walk through this extraordinary and challenging time with grace and confidence.

Maybe you are ready to awaken even more deeply and want skilled guidance and rock-solid support in that endeavor.

I've certainly needed and wanted these kinds of support, and been blessed to receive it, so I know that the right support woven with the personal effort to transform and a deep devotion to the powers of Love, Beauty, and Truth can make the difference between being devoured by circumstance or burning in the fire of transformation and rising from the ashes more brilliant and stronger than ever.

There is a Phoenix within you ready to take flight.

Whatever brings you here in this moment is an invitation and an opportunity.


My job is to help you rock that opportunity so that you can rock your life.


You down? 

Want to learn more?

Contact me and let's begin the exploration.




Working together

Soul Power Mentoring unfolds through a weaving of various practices and modalities, all centered around learning how to transform pain into power so that we can live well and serve others with our gifts, talents, and abilities.


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"Maitreya is a clear and resounding channel of wisdom, mythos, and the language of the soul. As a mentor, she provided presence which both nourished my soul and challenged my very human desire to protect, preserve, and feed my narrative about my life and my self.

Her teaching and sharing of tools was clear and artfully delivered, in a manner that allowed me to keep those practices and concepts alive in subsequent explorations outside of our container.

Her gift of storytelling is not to be downplayed, and it enriches the work profoundly."