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Awaken your power, deepen your wisdom, live your purpose, and embody your truth NOW

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Greetings, Beloved... I'm Maitreya Wolf.

Thank you for coming.

As a wisdom teacher, evolutionary mentor, and wild mystic I am here to help you transform pain into power so that you can enjoy a life of empowerment and purpose in this most extraordinary time.


Sound good?

I've walked a powerful path of initiation in my life, and I know that the right support woven with the personal effort to evolve and a deep devotion to the powers of Love, Beauty, Truth, and the living Earth can change everything for the better.

I don't offer a quick fix, but guidance on a path of profound evolution.

There is a Phoenix within you ready to take flight.

Are you ready to spread your wings and soar?

Want to learn more?

Contact me for a free Soul Empowerment call and let's begin your transformation.




"Maitreya is a clear and resounding channel of wisdom, mythos, and the language of the soul. As a mentor, she provided presence which both nourished my soul and challenged my very human desire to protect, preserve, and feed my narrative about my life and my self.

Her teaching and sharing of tools was clear and artfully delivered, in a manner that allowed me to keep those practices and concepts alive in subsequent explorations outside of our container.

Her gift of storytelling is not to be downplayed, and it enriches the work profoundly."


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