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Awaken your power, deepen your wisdom, live your purpose, and embody your truth NOW

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Greetings, Beloved... I'm Maitreya Wolf.

Thank you for coming.

I am here to help you remember your true nature and learn how to transform pain and challenges into evolutionary catalysts and sources of power so that you can live your purpose, serve the world with your gifts, and enjoy your life more fully.


In whatever context you choose to work with me, this mystery school path will help you learn how to finally end repetitive cycles of suffering and fully manifest that beautiful, deeper expression of yourself that you have always felt pushing for birth in your life.


Sound good?  It is good.  And it is time.

Your soul is calling, the world needs us fully present, awake, and empowered, and the journey home to soul, nature, belonging, truth, and the divine is the one that matters most.

So make contact and let's do this.



~ Offerings ~

Soul Mentoring ~ Holistic Counseling

Public Speaking ~ Tarot Readings

Ritual Tattoo Art ~ Entheogenic Journeys 

Musical Performance  

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