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A Choice Point

Recently, Johns Hopkins University, The WHO, and the B&M gates foundation hosted their second "pandemic preparedness exercise.

The first was called "Event 201," which was hosted in October of 2019, mere months before the CV outbreak in Wuhan.

This latest was called "Catastrophic Contagion," (quite a title, eh? far more direct than the ambiguous "Event 201") occurring almost exactly 3 years to the day after the first, and exploring how "leaders" could rapidly implement extensive social and legislative measures in the face of an impending health crisis (they imagined one far more cotagious and lethal than the CV which affected majority children and young adults) in an environment of "deep uncertainty", working with very little information, and facing possibly extensive and intense public resistance to said measures.

I'm glad they know we'll resist.

Now, there’s not much more alarming and catalyzing a lever to pull than invoking the endangerment of children to foster the compliance of adults. This is a very standard war tactic.

Given that people were at each other’s throats on everything from masks to tests to shots and beyond with the cv, censorship of dissenting views even from frontline doctors and alternative treatments was swift, total, and ruthless, I shudder to think about what could happen if the world faced a situation where kids are affected or passing in large numbers from an outbreak. What could happen amongst us down here on the ground.

We are living in an extraordinary choice point.

I believe that understanding the nature of oppression is an important tool in developing a pathway to freedom, so we're going to lean into a few things on the way to the uplifting part at the end. Stay with me.

Check this:

It was no mean feat to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration, a document signed by thousands of doctors from all over the world decrying the measures being enacted in the face of the cv issue and encouraging focused protection strategies instead of total social lockdown, and reduce it, in mainstream media coverage and therfore general public opinion, to the crazed ranting of 3 fringe epidemiologists whose work was of no value.

But it happened.

In Fauci's recently released email trove, it was discussed extensively that there must be a "swift and complete takedown" of the Declaration to secure the preferred narrrative.

It was no mean feat to smear and discredit the dissenting perspective of the very doctor who CREATED m(rna technology and paint him as a fringe lunatic.

But they did.

It was no mean feat to so terrify and confuse a vast majority of the global population that getting 4 or even 5 demonstrably ineffective and dangerous shots was the only way through this madness and "back to normal" ( are we there yet?).

But they did.

It was no mean feat to facilitate the largest upward trasfer of wealth imaginable whilst fundamentally impoverishing and traumatizing huge swathes of the rest of the global population.

But all of these things happened

And more and more evidence of the deliberate nature of it all is emerging ~ and being swept under the rug ~ every day.

Now, with the latest "Catastrophic Contagion" exercise, they're setting up to do it again.


Billions were spent and made conditioning our behavior, enacting policies, establishing governing bodies, legitimizing a fucking computer programmer as a global health czar, rolling out the shot program, and setting up the infrastructure for shot passports all over the world.

There's no way that powerful interests did that just to let it go. Trudeau was quoted as saying "we didn't invest billions in the infrastructure for vaccine passports to end up using it once."

So for those of us who love freedom, truth, and beauty, there will be much more to do in the times ahead.

I don’t know why this course is unfolding, and my old soul is honestly so exhausted by the insanity of the waves of this human endeavor, but I do know that everything here in this world is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to deepen, and to evolve.

And I also know that once an opportunity of this kind is presented, it must be met.

So we are living, then, in a choice point of the most profound magnitude:

What kind of world do we want?

Fear and control?

Techno dystopia?


The power and resources of the world concentrated in the hands of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population who obviously do not have the best interests of the people or the planet in mind and heart in their deliberations while the rest of us struggle to get by in a state of conditioned distraction and disempowerment, and do our best to remain resilient, joyful, inspired, beautiful, and hearty in the face of an ever more intense onslaught on our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, sensibilities, and sovereignty?

Do we want to live with some self-appointed overlord like Shwab or Gates always telling us what to fear and who to blame and how to live and what shots to get so that we can eat and study and travel and fuck and maybe be with our loved ones while they are born or die?

Nobody actually wants that. But if we don't actually pay attention and get present with the bigger picture of what's unfolding around us, that's what we're going to get.

"If you don't pay attention you're going to end up right where you're headed."

So we have to choose.

Where can the truest choice in our being come from? When faced with a choice that carries life-and-death consequences, how do we choose well?

For myself, I get quiet, and call on the soul.

There is an eternal wisdom that resides within us that is only ever awaiting our attention and presence to begin to flourish and come to life as a leader in our hearts, minds, bodies, and days. That eternal wisdom is the voice of our Souls. The soul is the part of eternity and the absolute that we are made of, and it has gnosis far beyond the current confusions of the sense-level world. The soul breathes and speaks as eternity encouraging evolution through presence and embodied experience.

So I have sat at that altar, day after day, and learned to listen. I have sat through the chaos of my own interiority, through the madness of the moment on many given days, through all kind of storms, and I have learned to hear that deeper power, and let it lead me.

I want beauty. Freedom. Joy. Clean water, good food, and fresh air on a healthy planet full of wild life living in deep communion and beautiful reciprocity. I want to share the journey of this life with healthy people living joyful lives of responsible, communal sovereignty in a vital and magical relationship with the gorgeous planet of which we are a part.

And there are a lot of power structures and social systems that have to die - and don’t want to - for that to be possible. Not only that, there’s an extraordinary level of transformation of consciousness that has to happen for that to be possible. In all of us.

It's not a straight shot from here to there.

I trust that the possibility is alive and surging towards birth from within us.

And I also trust that we are going to have to choose it and step up to that choice in a lot of different ways if we are to realize the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible, because I have lived and learned enough to know that once a lesson is on your plate, it doesn't go away. It has to be met.

Initiation doesn't just happen: we have to participate. In any experience of overwhelming magnitude the difference between initiation and trauma is the caliber of our participation. The caliber of our choices.

We have to rise to the challenge and let that challenge not only affect us, but draw forth the greater capacity within us that is able to meet it with strength, grace, and wisdom, and then let that deeper level of ourselves be the place we live from from that point forward.

We are being drawn into an initiation of the highest order, and offered an opportunity to cross a threshold into a whole new way of being human and being in the world together.

It's going to require some uncomfortable presence.

Some sweat, and tears, and songs, and laughter, and creativity, resilience, tenacity, and trust. So much trust.

And I trust, from the depths of my soul and the marrow of my bones, that we have the power, the heart, and the brilliance to answer the call to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible that is ringing through the whole of our lives right now.

I call on the spirits and the goddess for help and guidance and I do my best, each and every day, to cleanse and clear myself, align myself, and help whoever I can along the way. I gather the whole of my energy into one place and I root into the destiny that is written in my soul. Because this time matters. So much. Humanity matters. The earth matters. LIFE matters. Truth, beauty, and freedom MATTER.

And we are going to have to claim it, choose it, and insist on it to make space for the more beautiful world that is ready to come to be, because there are people in this world right now who have loads of material-plane power who want us to bow down to them and let them control us, own us, and exploit us for their gain.

Just as has happened over and over again in this world, we will have to stand up for our universally inborn right to live sovereign and free of exploitative control and choose, shape, and tend to our own destiny.

So, beloved, in whatever way is most true to you, no matter how big or how small, each and every day feed that greater possibility of truth, beauty, and freedom. Share your beautiful words. Sing your beautiful songs. Dance your magical dance. Make your powerful art. Be kind and honor everyone, even when you don't agree or like them. Feed the birds in the park. Be brave enough to have conversations that matter and are difficult. Host events that are an invitation to feel into and feed that greater possibility surging towards birth in our souls. Take your place and make your move.

Let's grow this new world together. And let's do it in the most shockingly joyful, beautiful, and lasting way possible.

It matters.

All the Love. M


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